Shunya Gates Temple is a Center for Tantric Counseling and Education 



Sessions and programs at Shunya Gates serve to foster an integrated sense of well-being and embodied self-knowing.  

Often times we carry outdated stories and beliefs - and this can perpetuate cycles and experiences that no longer serve us.  I offer tools and grounded esoteric wisdom to unwinding these pieces, and empower you to make powerful shifts and movements. This allows for an internal home-coming and a remembrance of your own true nature.  From here, so much spaciousness, ease and beauty unlocks.

Bot individual and couples tantra sessions serve to enhance and deepen connection, intimacy, understanding and joy in your relationships. Places of struggle can be softened and released.  New doors and approaches are offered that enrich your relationship and experience with your own sexuality; and help you find new ways to Be with a partner.

All offerings hold the potential to foster spiritual enrichment and plant seeds for your continued expansion.   

Tantra sessions are offered at Shunya Gates Temple in San Diego, Ca. and remotely via phone/video. 




Individual and Couples Counseling and Tantric Wisdom Sessions in San Diego, Ca. or via phone/video.



Workshops and educational series offering tools and practices for embodiment, liberation and expansion.



Bringing spirit into form; the Divination Shop features sacred creations that court your inner mystic.



Jennifer Laurin

Jennifer Laurin is the founder of Shunya Gates Temple and a Certified Tantric Counselor. After over a decade as a mindful development professional for one of the most market-transforming, non-profit organizations in the green building world, she turned her passion for holistic wellness and sustainability inward. She has embarked on a deep personal dive into whole-being wellness, self-knowing and mysticism. With deep roots in the Tantric wisdom lineage, she weaves the human and the spiritual into a holistic life experience. Jennifer offers one-on-one and couples sessions, workshops, and ceremony facilitation. As a Tantric counselor, she combines counseling with energy and body work to support deeper self-knowing; inner ease, freedom and Grace. Her capacities allow her to meet the Human and awaken the mystic, offering a seamless and layered experience of both in union. Her work helps one live and move in accordance with their unique constitution and true nature.

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“To have a different experience, one must be willing to make space and take steps for change in their own life”- Jennifer