Sessions & Pricing

Intro to Tantra Sessions

An introduction to the spiritual lineage of Tantra and how it may support all aspects of your life, including your wellness and expansion.  Available in-person or via phone.

60 min - $65


Tantric Counseling Sessions

These sessions combine counseling from the lens of tantric wisdom with integrative energy work to support your self-knowing, integration and grace.  Available in-person or via phone.

60 min - $95

90 min - $155

2 hours - $195


Couples Tantra Sessions

Crafted to enrich the communication, connection and intimacy shared by you and your partner together; and to work through 'what's in the way' of having more fluidity and depth in relationship.

Counseling is combined with tantric practices to support greater joy and success in partnership.

90 min - $155

2 hours - $195


Tantric Enrichment Sessions & Series

These sessions/series are for those ready to explore the deeper practices of embodiment. Energetic bodywork is woven with esoteric arts, allowing for a deepening of our work together.

60 min. session - $275

90 min. session - $395

3 session series - $795/$1111


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