The Divya Wand

A wand of self-knowing and divination

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The Vision

The Divya wand is created to merge the rich realm of sensual pleasure with the depths of your spirit. Within you lies a rich wellspring of Life Force energy. When activated through loving touch and self-pleasure, your body softens, your heart speaks, your spirit comes alive, and your energies elevate. 

From this place, so much beauty is within reach – visions clarify, your natural wholeness is emanant, and powerful manifestations can be realized.

The Magic

The Herkimer diamonds within the Divya Wand are known as the most powerful of all Quartz crystals. They emanate pure white light energy, engaging one’s energy field and attuning to the Divine. Carrying the grace of connection to spiritual domains, they invite a deeper connection to self and source. When coupled with the heightened vibration of your sexual energy, they serve as perfect conduits of the universal Life Force, amplifying and transmitting your refined desires and intentions.  They serve to clear what you are ready to release, and illuminate your inner knowings.

The Wand

The smooth glass contours of the Divya wand are designed to enter the body with grace and elegance. Made solely of handblown glass and New York-mined Herkimer diamonds, the Divya wand is envisioned and designed by Jennifer Laurin and custom crafted by skilled artisans in Sedona, Arizona.